About the Team

The Minam River Lodge team

Barnes Ellis, Owner

Barnes Ellis

A native Oregonian, Barnes was lucky to have a dad who gave him an ice axe when he was 5, and together they hiked and explored all over the Northwest. The Minam River Lodge became one of his favorite natural places in the state. He originally discovered it when his family had a reunion there, and when he saw it was for sale, he was moved to restore it. Ellis assembled a team of architects and craftsmen who shared the dream of rebuilding the Lodge and cabins for the next generation of Oregonians to enjoy. After a six-year project using hand-crafted building techniques and logs harvested from the property and recycled from the original structures, the new Minam River Lodge opened in May 2017. The result, an iconic Pacific Northwest wilderness retreat, has been a labor of love and a gift to outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

Patricia Lee, CEO

Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee has joined the team as the lodge’s first Chief Executive Officer. She is the former manager and partner of Oregon’s acclaimed Steamboat Inn. Pat has a wonderful history of accomplishment, not just in hospitality management but also in creating very special places that help people experience Oregon’s natural treasures.

Isaac Trout, Manager

Isaac Trout

Isaac moved to Oregon in 2000 from Appalachian Ohio, fresh out of college and ready for adventure. An avid outdoorsman who loves everything from bow hunting to gathering wild edibles, he jumped at the chance to become acting construction superintendent of the new Lodge. He fell so in love with the property that he decided to stay when the project was complete and lead the guest services team. In the off-season, he lives on a 5-acre hobby farm in Gaston, Ore., with his wife and twin boys.

Carl Krause, Chef

Carl Krause

Carl trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and has worked at award-winning fine dining restaurants such as Menton in Boston, but his moment of truth as a chef was eating the first egg laid by his own chicken. Simply prepared with butter and salt, "It changed my life," he said. Devoted to using the freshest ingredients and preparing American heritage cuisine simply and naturally, Carl was the perfect fit for a Lodge that has two dedicated gardeners to supply the kitchen and is surrounded by Eastern Oregon's flourishing family farms. Before joining the Lodge, Carl was director of culinary operations at Biwa Inc., which owns several popular Japanese eateries in Portland.

Top photograph by Evan G. Schneider